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Newspaper Articles 1803 to 1878


Fred Cooper is currently  carrying out research on old Victorian newspaper reports which mention memorable events in the history of Seaham as well as  some well known characters and civic dignatories.  Members may be interested in the social history and historical events that were happening when their ancestors were living in Seaham. The articles researched  are from  the weekly newspaper - THE NEWCASTLE COURANT  and cover the years from 1803 - 1878.


Much of the research material uncovered from these articles was included in his latest spy thriller novel set in Seaham in 1881.


                            “A Master Mariner’s Tale”
Apologies for the quality of some of the articles but this is unfortunately inevitable when transcribing the print to on-line digital copies (Fred Cooper) 


The index, as well as some of the articles ,are shown below but the full research can be accessed on disc held by the group and can be viewed at any group meeting

These old newspaper reports can also be found in   Fred Coopers  own website by following the link  below.



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3rd September 1803 Warning issued by Sir Ralph Milbanke to poachers 

5th September 1821 Sale of the Manor of Seaham by Sir Ralph Milbanke 

16th April 1825 Sale of the advowson of the parish of Seaham 

10th January 1829 Entry of the first ship "The Brothers" into the harbour at Seaham with a cargo of bricks. Mr Kay of the Golden Lion donated a barrel of ale to the workmen. 

7th March 1829 Sale of a farm at the Whins, Murton in the parish of Dalton-Le-Dale currently rented by Thomas Lawson. 

8th August 1829 Work begins on the Londonderry railway 

13th March 1830 Licensing of Seaham Pilots 

16th July 1830 Bridge over Dawdon Dene washed away 

22nd January 1831 Sale of Seaham Grange Farm 

9th February 1831 Rescue of the crew of the Seaham owned ship "Hannah and Eleanor" off Tynemouth 

30th April 1831 Sale of newly built house on North Terrace, Seaham 

14th May 1831 Arrival of the Wansbeck from Memel laden with timber for the new Harbour 

30th July 1831 Opening of the Harbour at Seaham 

31st December 1831 Report on the Cholera outbreak (Seaham Harbour declared free of disease) 

18th February 1832 Sale of The Londonderry Arms Inn 

17th March 1832 Sale of The Kings Arms public house on North Terrace 

9th June 1832 Death of William Chapman, Engineer of the new harbour at Seaham 

16th June 1832 Tenders sought for the construction of the South Hetton to Seaham Railway 

27th October 1832 Launch of the new brig "Wansbeck" at Seaham 

20th February 1833 Great storm at Seaham Harbour 

13th July 1833 Messrs Prosser and Burnip start Royal Pilot Coach service from Seaham to Shields 

9th November 1833 Sale of large house/potential Inn on North Terrace, Seaham 

13th September 1834 Sale of house in North Terrace currently occupied by David Bonner and others 

22nd November 1834 Sale of Golden Lion Inn including stables and adjoining Cooperage and Butchers 

20th December 1834 Five farms TO LET, Seaham Grange, Hall Farm, Mill House, Carr House, Dean House 

16th July 1836 Steamer Service "Ben Lomond" to run from Newcastle to Stockton calling at Seaham 

6th January 1837 Proposal to build the Hartlepool to Sunderland Railway 

5th October 1838 Sale of property of bankrupt Percival Beautiment in North Terrace and Church Street 

22nd February 1839 Sale of the brig Lord Seaham 

26th April 1839 Complaint about the harbour by an anonymous shipowner 

31st August 1839 Launch of the brig "The William" from William Henzel's shipyard at Seaham 

1st February 1840 Launch of the "Prince Albert" from Henzell's shipyard at Seaham 

30th April 1840 Report on the coal trade at Seaham Harbour 

3rd July 1840 Sinking of the brig "Nelson" by the "Hope" 

6th November 1840 Sale of Ashforth and Hardie's Pottery at Seaham 

20th August 1841 Bazaar to be held to liquidate the £700 debt for the building of the new St John's church 

17th September 1841 Report on the success of the bazaar to finance St John's church. It raised £1150 to set off against the building costs of £700. 

25th February 1842 Letting of Mill House Farm 

8th April 1842 Sale of Haverley House, farm and land at Seaton/Slingley prime for coal mine 

6th May 1842 The Marquess of Londonderry is sworn in as Lord Lieutenant of County Durham 

6th October 1843 First coals from Murton Colliery shipped from Seaham on the brig Integrity 

5th January 1844 Counterfeit half crowns passed off by Seaham men 

12th January 1844 Sale of limestone and earth excavated from the North basin of Seaham dock 

26th January 1844 Sale of Londonderry Arms, brewery, blacksmiths and other small shops 

5th April 1844 Sale of properties of bankrupt George Newton in Seaham Terrace 

19th April 1844 Miners strike in Northumberland and Durham 

10th May 1844 Opening of sea baths at Seaham 

31st January 1845 Official opening of the enlargement of the North Dock 

17th October 1845 Transportation of felon from Dawdon, Seaham. 

9th January 1846 Letting of Dean House and Dalton Hall Farms 

23rd January 1846 Sale of Seaham Pottery 

29th May 1846 Sale of Bakery shop in North Terrace 

1st January 1847 Scheme to improve Lord Londonderry's estates 

2nd April 1847 Letter to Lord Londonderry complimenting him on the building of the harbour 

23rd April 1847 Sale of Dawdon Hall Farm 

27th August 1847 Let of shop in Railway Street 

3rd December 1847 Let of Dean House, Carr House and Mill House farms 

19th December 1847 Inquest on the death of a sailor and a pauper woman at Seaham 

11th February 1848 Letters from two naval officers regarding the new harbour at Seaham 

3rd March 1848 Let of Seaham Pottery 

17th March 1848 Sale of Ropery at Seaham 

19th May 1848 Dissolution of Ropery partnership 

16th June 1848 Sale of Farm, land, cottages, Smithy and coal seams at Seaton and Slingsley 

23rd June 1848 Smuggling of brandy on shore at Seaham 

23rd June 1848 Petition by Lord Seaham to ban the sale of alcohol on the Sabath at Seaham 

1st December 1848 Letting of Dalton Hall Farm 

24th November 1848 Report on coals shipped from Seaham Harbour 1844 to 1847 

26th January 1849 Tommy Chilton gives change to a highway robber 

16th February 1849 Return of vessels using the harbour 1847 to 1848 

25th April 1849 Obituary of Lieut Usher RN of Seaham 

11th May 1849 Appointment of William Sheridan as harbourmaster after death of Lieut Usher RN 

13th July 1849 Live toad found whilst sinking of the Seaton and Slingsley Colliery 

19th October 1849 Inquest on Margaret Henderson of Seaham who died of cholera 

19th October 1849 Theft from Thomas Stothard of Seaham 

4th January 1850 Accidental shooting of Lord Seaham 

1st March 1850 Donation of land by Lord Londonderry for the building of a church by the Primitive Methodists 

5th April 1850 Great storm off the north-east coast 

27th September 1850 Tea party held by Primitive Methodists 

15th November 1850 Sale of Seaham Pottery 

8th November 1850 Sinking of the brig William of Seaham 

17th January 1851 Let of butchers shop next door to the Vane Arms 

14th February 1851 Coals sold from Seaham to the Port of London in January 1851 

18th April 1851 Sale of 5 newly built houses in Church Street and Blandford Street 

15th August 1851 Tenders invited to build 80 pitmen's houses at Seaton 

21st May 1852 Sale of the sinking equipment from Seaton Colliery 

25th June 1852 Explosion at Seaham Colliery 6 killed 

5th November 1852 Sale of George Alder's candle factory 

21st January 1853 Survey carried out for the Seaham to Ryhope railway 

18th February 1853 Cutting of the first sod of the Seaham to Sunderland railway 

4th March 1853 Sale of Mill at Seaham Park 

18th March 1853 Seaham Harbour annual races 

29th March 1853 Murder on board "The William Thrift" 

20th May 1853 Sale of properties in Railway Street and Henry Street 

3rd June 1853 Contracts let for the building of the Seaham Literary Institute 

10th June 1853 Completion of the rail bridge over Ryhope Dean on the Seaham to Sunderland railway 

15th July 1853 Laying of the foundation stone of the Literary Institute 

5th August 1853 Bazaar held in Seaham Hall for the benefit of the Literary Institute 

19th August 1853 Success of the Grand Bazaar at Seaham Hall 

19th August 1853 Dinner held for the shareholders of the Seaham Waterworks Company at the Vane Arms 

28th October 1853 Criminal statistics for the last six years for County Durham 

13th January 1854 Report on the sale of Sunderland built ships to Seaham shipowners. 

10th March 1854 Death of the Marquis of Londonderry 

7th April 1854 Sale of The Bottlehouse formerly Allison's Pottery 

7th April 1854 Notice of annual races to be held at Seaham Harbour 

17th April 1854 Details of the will of the Marquis of Londonderry 

12th May 1854 Report on the sale of coal from Seaham April 1854 

7th July 1854 Annual Flower Show held at Seaham Harbour 

15th September 1854 Seaham Horticulture Show held on the bankside of Seaham 



31st December 1831

Report on the Cholera outbreak. Seaham Harbour declared free of the disease
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17th March 1832

Sale of The Kings Arms public house on North Terrace
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3rd September 1803 -

 poaching of Sir Ralph Milbankes game


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5th September 1821

Sale of the Manor of Seaham by Sir Ralph Milbanke
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16th April 1825

Sale of the Advowson of the Vicarage of Seaham
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10th January 1829

Entry of the first ship "The Brothers" into the harbour at Seaham with a cargo of bricks. Mr Kay of the Golden Lion donated a barrel of ale to the workmen.
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7th March 1829

Sale of a farm at the Whins, Murton in the parish of Dalton-Le-Dale currently rented by Thomas Lawson.
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8th August 1829

Work begins on the Londonderry railway
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13th March 1830

Licensing of Seaham Pilots
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5th June 1830

Robert Field opens a bakers shop
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16th July 1830

Bridge over Dawdon Dene washed away
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22nd January 1831

Sale of Seaham Grange Farm
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9th February 1831

Rescue of the crew of the Seaham owned ship "Hannah and Eleanor" off Tynemouth
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30th April 1831

Sale of newly built house on North Terrace, Seaham
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14th May 1831

Arrival of the Wansbeck from Memel laden with timber for the new Harbour
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30th July 1831

Opening of the harbour at Seaham
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18th February 1832

Sale of The Londonderry Arms Inn
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9th June 1832

Death of William Chapman, Engineer who built the harbour at Seaham
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